About Us

What is "Common Sense Common Core Math"?

commoncoremath.net  is dedicated to providing the highest quality math resources available for classroom and home use.  All of our lessons, practice pages and assessments are strictly aligned with the National Common Core Standards for Math.  Over a year was spent unpacking, reviewing and creating objectives based on the math standards.  The end result was a common sense series of resources scaffolded to help students achieve the core standards.  Content was created to ensure students (whether in a classroom or home-schooled,) were able to understand and prove mastery of each standard.

How are the core standards presented?

The website is broken down by grade level, Pre-K through 8th grade, then by each of the National Core Domains.  Clicking on a "domain" in the "Standards Table" leads to the "Standards Page", where a minimum of ten printables are available for each of the covered standards.  Instructors simply click on the link to access pracice pages and assessments.  A printable PDF document will open.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.  Most computers have a version installed. To update to the latest version visit www.adobe.com.  The PDF documents are also designed to work with a smartboard, projector, etc. for large group learning.  Printable PDF answer sheets are also included for each worksheet.

Who can "Common Sense Common Core Math" help?

The site is perfect for busy teachers, home-schoolers, teacher's aides, tutors and students.  While teachers generally receive in-service training to ensure they understand the standards and objectives, transition to the classroom may be difficult.  Homeschoolers and others responsible for educating students may have no access to this training.  By utilizing the curricula available on this website, all instructors can ensure completion of all objectives prior to standardized testing.   Additionally, practice pages are ordered to climb from simpler to more difficult levels culminating in assessment.  Instruction may be individualized by using material from other grade levels to help students get up to grade level or to help students who may may acheive grade level objectives early.

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