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Common Sense Common Core Math

Math Lessons for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

  Access thousands of high quality, common sense
math practice pages and assessments.  All instructional material aligned with

National Common Core Standards for Math.
Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Math*
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Common Core Math Lessons" Covering all math standards for kindergarten through sixth grade. 
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  • There are 10 math activities per standard per grade
  • Each activity or assessment is suitable for projection, pad or print.
  • Lessons are built using a scaffold approach to allow for classroom differentiation and common sense transition from basic to more complex math concepts.
  • Concepts spiral throughout the grade level and across grades.
  • Assessments provide an opportunity to ensure each standard is met. 
  • Simple forms provide members a way to track progress of individual students and classes.
  • All material suitable for homeschooling.

* 8th Grade standards covered include Number Sense (8.NS), and Expressions and   Equations (8.EE).  All Kindergarten through 7th Grade standards are included with membership.

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